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Summer 2016

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The Packwood House Digital Archive of the Personal Papers, Ephemera, and Photographs of John and Edith Fetherston Professor Janice Mann (Art History) and Rebecca Reeve (Art History ’17) collaborated on a research project during the summer of 2016 to digitize archival materials in the Packwood House Museum. The Packwood House was the residence of Bucknell graduate Edith Fetherston and her husband, John. Reeve worked with Courtney Paddick and Carrie Johnston to learn how to scan, digitize, and write metadata for the collection of postcards that Edith Fetherston received from friends traveling the globe in the early twentieth century. Reeve and Mann are generating an Omeka exhibit that will showcase these postcards and eventually serve as an online repository and virtual museum for the entirety of the Packwood House papers and collections. This research collaboration grew out of Mann’s fall 2015 course, “The West Imagines the Rest,” in which students learned about the ways westerners interpret and collect eastern art. During the course, students worked alongside Emily Sherwood to create a virtual guide for the museum, which featured Edith Fetherston’s collections from her travels in Asia. Site: http://packwood.omeka.bucknell.edu/omeka/


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