Northern Ireland Project and Archive

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Summer 2015

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The Northern Ireland Archive, spearheaded by Professor Carl Milofsky, is a collection of digitized lectures captured between 2002 and 2008. The collection revolves around the Troubles between Catholics and Protestants. Key participants were taped discussing their involvement in the Troubles. These recorded sessions then served as a textbook in Professor Milofsky’s SOCI 306: Conflict in Northern Ireland course in the Fall of 2014. Students in this course were asked to use the tapes to create Digital Essays highlighting a key player in the Troubles. The Digital Essay assignment included writing a script, recording narration using our Audio Booth, splicing and polishing the recorded narration using Audacity, creating story boards, and crafting their final projects using FCPX. The tape collection is now available through Bucknell’s Digital Commons and the Bucknell University Northern Ireland Project WordPress site. This site contains many of the recorded lectures, which include a transcript, interpretive comments, and analytic comments. Sites: Bucknell University Northern Ireland Project Bucknell’s Digital Commons, Northern Ireland Archive


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