HIST 247 20th Century World Wars

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Fall 2016

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Students in Professor Mark Sheftall’s HIST 247 class reflected on World War I and II through the creation of 3-5 minute digital stessays. The digital stessay is a combination of a digital essay and digital story. The story Professor Sheftall asked students to create combined course content with their personal reflections on the wars through stories passed down by family members. Students combined visuals such as photos, videos, maps, illustrations, letters, and drawings, students with their own recorded narrations to relay true tales of the war. Students gained digital literacy skills by using YouTube Video Editor or iMovie and iShowU, a screen capture program. They drafted scripts and storyboards and reviewed each other’s work through all stages of production, from script writing to editing. “Two Swords” Student Dawn Hoth produced a digital stessay about the discovery of two swords in her home that are linked to her grandfather’s involvement in World War II.



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