Computer Science 187: Computing, Creativity, and the Social Good

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Summer 2016

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Darakhshan Mir (Computer Science) received a Course Design Grant to design a 100-level computer science class, Computing, Creativity, and the Social Good. This course is intended to teach core computing concepts to students in majors outside the STEM disciplines. With the assistance of Carrie Johnston, Mir worked alongside three Bucknell undergraduate students, Jingya Wu, Sierra Magnotta, and Anushikha Sharma, to design a syllabus that would resonate with students who have had no prior programming experience. The course will run during the fall 2016 semester, and students will use the programming language P5 to create visual artifacts that will enable them to investigate and draw novel insights from data sets that may be social, historical, or textual in nature. Wu, Magnotta, and Sharma will serve as Teaching Assistants, and have created a website featuring the syllabus, labs, and other assignments central to the course. Read more about the project in The Next Page, the newsletter of Bucknell L&IT, Spring 2017.


Computer Science

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