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England’s famed Lake District—best known as the place of inspiration for the Wordsworths, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and other Romantic-era writers—is the locus of this pioneering study, which implements and critiques a new approach to literary analysis in the digital age. Deploying innovative methods from literary studies, corpus linguistics, historical geography, and geographical information science, Deep Mapping the Literary Lake District combines close readings of a body of writing about the region from 1622-1900 with distant approaches to textual analysis. This path-breaking volume exemplifies interdisciplinarity, demonstrating how digital humanities methodologies and geospatial tools can enhance our appreciation of a region whose topography has been long recognized as fundamental to the shape of the poetry and prose produced within it.


Lake District, Digital humanities, historical geography, GIS, geographical information science, textual analysis, geospatial, deep mapping, Ruskin, Eliza Lynn Linton, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Dorothy Wordsworth, William Wordsworth, M. J. B. Baddeley, Edward Baines, Samuel Barber, John Bree, John Brown, Joseph Budworth, John Burroughs, Nathaniel Hazeltine Carter, James Clarke, William Cockin, W. G. Collingwood, William Combe, Charles Cooke, Richard Cumberland, John Dalton, Daniel Defoe, James Denholm, William Dickinson, Michael Drayton, Celia Fiennes, James Freeman Clarke, Henry Frith, William Gell, Alexander Craig Gibson, William Gilpin, Thomas Gray, Lieutenant Hammond, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Richard Colt Hoare, John Housman, William Hutchinson, Catherine Hutton, John Keats, Samuel Leigh, Charles Mackay, Frederick Amadeus Malleson, John Henry Manners, Harriet Martineau, Joseph Mawman, Thomas Newte, Jonathan Otley, Thomas Pennant, James Plumptre, Ann Radcliffe, Herbert Rix, John Robinson, John Ruskin, Stebbing Shaw, Henry Skrine, George Smith, Robert Southey, Samuel Heinrich Spiker, Richard Joseph Sullivan, James Thorne, Thomas Thornton, Priscilla Wakefield, Adam Walker, Edwin Waugh, John Wesley, Thomas West, William Wilberforce, Thomas Wilkinson, C. N. Williamson, Ellis Yarnall, Arthur Young


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Deep Mapping the Literary Lake District: A Geographical Text Analysis