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The aim of this project is to reach a range of people who are suffering from food insecurity. Food insecurity is a spectrum; people have varying access to not only food, but to related resources such as cooking equipment and knowledge. Food insecurity is a broad term since there are varying reasons as to why people cannot access food such as transportation, money, and access. In most cases food insecurity is a symptom of a much bigger issue known as poverty. The typical person struggling with food insecurity suffers from both mental and physical complications such as decline in academic focus, lowered graduation rates, diabetes, obesity, and mental health disorders. I think another challenge it is associated with is having to choose between resources; for example, does a college student buy food or books or does a parent buy food or gas to get to work. Whether you are a student on campus or a community member, there may be periods in your life where the only cooking equipment you have access to is a microwave, and it is not always easy to create a meal that can be made completely in a microwave.