Handbook of Community Movements and Local Organizations in the 21st Century


Handbook of Community Movements and Local Organizations in the 21st Century

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This handbook builds on The Handbook of Community Movements and Local Organizations published in 2007, and is the only resource defining the field of study related to small nonprofit organizations and to studying communities from the standpoint of associations that make up communities. It explores the history and conceptualizations of community, theoretical concepts in community organizations, social movements ranging from health to crime, and community practice methods. Further it provides authoritative statements of major theory areas, gives examples of different sub areas of the field, provides guidance to people working as practitioners in the field, and nicely coincides with the increasing interest in clinical sociology. This handbook is of great interest to academics, students and practitioners with an interdisciplinary resource to understand and collaborate in work with contemporary communities.-- publisher's site.




Handbook, Community, Associations, Nonprofit, Organizations, Action, Practice, Local, Health, Crime, Justice, Education, Disasters, Religion, Identity, Virtual, Sociology


Organization Development | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Social Work | Sociology


Springer International


Cham, Switzerland


Sociology & Anthropology


Ram A. Cnaan, editor ; Carl Milofsky, editor


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Handbook of Community Movements and Local Organizations in the 21st Century