The Latin American Crisis and the New Authoritarian State


The Latin American Crisis and the New Authoritarian State

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This book provides a fresh interpretation of the rise and fall of Latin America’s ‘left turn’, or movement towards more progressive economic or social policies. From a historical and comparative perspective, the book argues that Latin America is entering a new phase of authoritarian statism.

Based on over 10 years of research on Latin American political economy and social movements, including years of fieldwork in Chile, Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina, this book combines the stories of individuals and groups in particular situations with the macro-level political and economic trajectory of the region since the postwar period. The book draws on over 100 interviews with community activists, workers, union leaders, politicians, journalists, and NGOs, as well as archival work. In addition, the book uses up-to-date national and regional economic data, including both standard and heterodox development indicators. By engaging with key case studies including Argentina’s recovered enterprises, Chile’s student movement, Brazil’s free transit movement, and Venezuela’s popular economy, this book analyzes the complex relationship between "post-capitalist struggles" and the governance models of the "pink tide", the wave of left governments that began to sweep the region at the turn of the century.

This book will be of interest to researchers across politics, development, Latin American studies and social movement studies. The original data and analysis of the relationship between social movements and governments will also benefit policymakers and those working within the NGO sector. -- publisher




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The Latin American Crisis and the New Authoritarian State