Moshe Ulmer, Z

Moshe Ulmer, Z"L, Philosophical, Ethical, and Spiritual Dimensions of Judaism

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CHAPTER 1: Luzzato and Bahya .CHAPTER 2: Moral Objectivity CHAPTER 3: Fackenheim and Samuelson .CHAPTER 4: Elliot N. Dorff .CHAPTER 5: Aron Lichtenstein .CHAPTER 6: Conservative and Reform Judaism .CHAPTER 7: Jewish Ethics .CHAPTER 8: Theological Implications of the Holocaust: Emil Fackenheim and Elie Wiesel .CHAPTER 9: Personal Views on Judaism and Jewish Practice: God, The Existence of Evil, Revelation, and The Chosen People .CHAPTER 10: Why Jews Give .CHAPTER 11: The Book of Ruth .CHAPTER 12: Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz (A Sermon) .CHAPTER 13: Bamidbar - In the Wilderness (A Sermon) . CHAPTER 14: VaYechi – And he lived (A Sermon) .CHAPTER 15: The End of the World and A New Beginning (A Rosh Ha-Shanah Sermon) .CHAPTER 16: Vignette – A Poem .

book cover, back: "Rabbi Moshe Ulmer, J.D., D.Div. h.c. (1945-2021) was born in Los Angeles, the son of Hungarian immigrants. He earned a BA in history, graduated from UCLA Law School, and was a member of the bar of New York, Massachusetts, and California. Initially working in New York representing indigents under the VISTA program, he eventually opened his own practice in Newport Beach, CA. Encouraged by Elie Wiesel to become a rabbi, Ulmer obtained ordination and served congregations in Newton Center, Mass., Buffalo, NY, Vancouver, BC, and Palm Springs, CA. He wrote a book on tsedakah and taught at the Bucknell Institute of Lifelong Learning in Lewisburg, PA."




Ethics, Philosophy, Judaism, Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Evil, Revelation, Fackenheim, Messianic Age, Luzzato


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Moshe Ulmer, Z