Sustainable Public Management


Sustainable Public Management

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Sustainable Public Management explores key issues in public sector sustainable management that span from Nation/State to local government. It highlights state-of-the art articulations of public-private partnerships, public engagement, inter-organizational networks, sustainability policy, strategy, standard setting, and reporting. Sustainable management is an important topic across organizational forms in the private, not-for-profit, and public sectors because of the its practice is tied to some of the most pressing environmental and social problems that exist in the world. The public sector is especially important due to its scale and scope across the globe, the tangible impacts that public service delivery can make in resource efficiency and effectiveness, and in directly tackling critical sustainable development goals.

This book will be of great value to scholars, students, and policymakers interested in Public Administration and Management, Sustainable Management and Development.

The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of the Public Management Review.

Part I: National & State-Level

1. Public–private partnerships as instruments to achieve sustainability-related objectives: the state of the art and a research agenda

Alexander Pinz, Nahid Roudyani and Julia Thaler

2. Public engagement in governance for sustainability: a two-tier assessment approach and illustrations from New Zealand

Valentina Dinica

3. Understanding the puzzle of organizational sustainability: toward a conceptual framework of organizational social connectedness and sustainability

Alisa Moldavanova and Holly T. Goerdel

4. Aiming for a sustainable future: conceptualizing public open foresight

Lisa Schmidthuber and Melanie Wiener

5. Seeds of distrust: conflicts over sustainable development in a local fracking policy network in New York State

Junesoo Lee and Jeongyoon Lee

Part II: Local Government

6. Sustainability management, strategy and reform in local government

Eric S. Zeemering

7. All are not created equal: assessing local governments’ strategic approaches towards sustainability

Hyunjung Ji and Nicole Darnall

8. Sustainability standard setting as local government matter: an Italian experience

Francesca Pepe, Sergio Paternostro and Patrizio Monfardini

9. Sustainability reporting by local governments: a magic tool? Lessons on use and usefulness from European pioneers




Public Administration, Environmental Aspects, Sustainable Development, Management


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Managing for Sustainability


Neil M. Boyd, editor ; Bucknell University

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Sustainable Public Management