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Fall 2023


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In her new body of work for the exhibition Twine at Amos Eno Gallery, Turkish-American artist Tulu Bayar visually culls together an identity made up of two, eastern and western, paradigms embodying distinct halves of her life,” writes independent curator, writer, and researcher Nina Chkareuli-Mdivani in her curatorial essay, East and West Entwined: Tulu Bayar at Amos Eno Gallery. “As an immigrant, Bayar carries the sense of being the Other with her, not being fully at home either in the U.S. or in Turkey because she simultaneously exists within two historical and geographic continuums. … In Twine we encounter a more nuanced and abstract meditation on the nature of immigrant experience.”

The center of Bayar’s exhibition is a series of 18 Citra transfer prints on cotton paper, which she brushed with pastes made from soil, sand, water, and vegetation collected from various geographical regions of the U.S.A. and Turkey. The images are already exquisite in composition — often with a solitary female figure in the foreground, surveying a distant landscape — but are rendered even more haunting as a result of both the transfer process and the earth-paste application. Colors are pushed and pulled, edges are softened, and textures are enhanced. The resulting prints look as if they were discovered in a long-forgotten trunk, transporting us to a time and place we aren’t sure ever existed.



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