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For IN-FILL PA, a 2023 group exhibition in Bloomsburg PA, artists Anna Kell & Jonathan Frey showed before-and-after photo documentation of their mural/site for the 2022 Putnam County Mural Festival, which is located in Roachdale, IN.

In-fill is the practice of re-dedication of land to new programming and/or development. Many small towns and cities in Pennsylvania and elsewhere have vacant lots. Often these lots sit unused for years. In some instances, communities have reassigned these spaces as outdoor amenities such as pocket parks, playgrounds, community gardens, outdoor workspaces, meditation gardens, and performance venues. These transitions breathe new life into underutilized spaces.

IN-FILL PA sought to engage residents, artists, designers, and design firms from all over to share their work to inspire engaged dialogue to address in-fill spaces in communities across Pennsylvania.

We received drawings, renderings, and photos of projects from around the world, and we displayed them at three venues: the Community Giving Foundation in Berwick; The Art Grind in Danville; and the Exchange Gallery in Bloomsburg.

We also engaged community members at charrettes in each town -- in Bloomsburg, outdoors on Main Street in two of the empty spaces that we encouraged participants to think about. They shared their ideas on plan and perspective drawings that we reproduced; they used markers, colored pencils, crayons, rubber stamps, and drafting templates, and we hung their work alongside that of the professional designers.

IN-FILL PA received significant grant support from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts through the Creative Catalyst program and from the Community Giving Foundation.




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