Submissions from 2021

Traces, Tulu Bayar

Submissions from 2020

Protestant Paintings: Artworks by Lucas Cranach and his Workshop, Christiane Andersson

Time Travel, Christiane Andersson

Submissions from 2018

Inward Out & Outward In : Artist's Books From the Women's Studio Workshop, Janice Mann and Isabella O'Neill


Changing Places: From Spectator to Reperformer, Joanna Matuszak

Submissions from 2017

Traveling the Plane, Neil Anderson and Roger Rothman

Submissions from 2016


Salthouse, Richard Rinehart

Submissions from 2015

20's Something, Tulu Bayar

Frieze Art Fair Select NY 2015, Tulu Bayar

Sorry I Miss You, Tulu Bayar

Unraveling Identity: Our Textiles, Our Stories, Tulu Bayar


R. Luke Dubois: Portraits & Landscapes, Richard Rinehart

Submissions from 2014

20's Something, Tulu Bayar


2014 Young Painters Competition, Anna Kell


Country Living, Richard Rinehart


Re-Collection: Art, New Media, & Social Memory, Rick Rinehart and Jon Ippollito

Submissions from 2013


Playground: A photographic Installation by Tulu Bayar, Tulu Bayar

Action in Nature, Rosalyn Richards

From Plate to Paper: The Art of Printmaking, Rosalyn Richards

Marked and Manifest, Rosalyn Richards

Society of American Graphics Member Exhibition, Rosalyn Richards

The Print Revolution Collection, Rosalyn Richards

Submissions from 2012

The Sandy and John Nesbitt Collection: The Discriminating Eye at Work, Christiane Andersson

Playground, Tulu Bayar

Playground Series, Tulu Bayar