Journal Submissions from 2019


A Practical Approach to Advanced Text Mining in Finance, Julie Klevak, Joshua Livnat, and Kate Suslava

Journal Submissions from 2018


Distribution-free Bounds for the Expected Marginal Seat Revenue Heuristic with Dependent Demands, Mihai Banciu, Fredrik Odegaard, and Alia C. Stanciu


Bitcoin is a 4 Legged Stool...., William R. Gruver

Journal Submissions from 2017

Market Response to FIN 48 Adoption: A Debt Covenant Theory, Raquel Alexander

Maximizing Mentoring in Public Accounting: The Effects of Structure on Outcomes for Male and Female Protégés., Cindy Guthrie and Ambrose Jones III

Whistleblowing on Fraud for Pay: Can I Trust You?, Cindy Guthrie and Eileen Z. Taylor

Financial & Managerial Accounting, Jan R. Williams, Susan F. Haka, Mark Bettner, and Joseph V. Carcello

Journal Submissions from 2016

The New Normal? Enhanced Psychological Well-Being from Public Accounting: Mitigating Conflict with Flexibility and Role Clarity, Ambrose Jones III and Cindy Guthrie

Queen of the Corporate Gadflies: Wilma Porter Soss, Janice Traflet

Journal Submissions from 2015

The Personal Budget Project: A Practical Introduction to Financial Literacy, Cindy Guthrie and Curtis M. Nicholls

Journal Submissions from 2014

The Development of Reporting Norms without Explicit Guidance: An Example from Accounting for Gift Cards, Karen M. Hennes and Kristy M. Schenck

Journal Submissions from 2013

Changes in annual reporting rituals of financial services firms in periods of market crisis, Mark Bettner and Kate Sowinski

Millennials: What Do We Really Know About Them?, Stacy Mastrolia and Stephen D. Willits

Baptist Hospital and the State of North Carolina: Alleged Malfeasance and Whistleblowing Aftermath, Eileen Z. Taylor and Cynthia P. Guthrie

Journal Submissions from 2012

From Money Storage to Money Store: Openness and Transparency in Bank Architecture, Anne-Christine Fransden, Tammy B. Hiller, Janice Traflet, and Elton G. McGoun

Evaluating Faculty Publications in Accounting Ph.D. Programs: The Author Affiliation Index as an Alternative, Cynthia P. Guthrie, John O. Everett, Jayaraman Vijayakumar, and Philip olds

Job Burnout in Public Accounting: Understanding Gender Differences, Cynthia P. Guthrie and Ambrose Jones III

Chief Audit Executives’ Evaluations of Whistle-Blowing Allegations, Cynthia P. Guthrie, Carolyn Strand Norman, and Jacob M. Rose

Role Stress and Job Outcomes in Public Accounting: Have the Gender Experiences Converged?, Ambrose Jones III, Cynthia P. Guthrie, and Venkataraman M. Iyer

Response to the Discussion of "The Effect on Financial Reporting Quality of an Exemption From the SEC Reporting Requirements for Foreign Private Issuers", Stacy Mastrolia and Giorgio Gotti

The Effect on Financial Reporting Quality of an Exemption From the SEC Reporting Requirements for Foreign Private Issuers, Stacy Mastrolia and Giorgio Gotti

Journal Submissions from 2011

The Effect of PCAOB Inspections of Big 4 Audit Quality, Joseph V. Carcello, Carl Hollingsworth, and Stacy Mastrolia