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Newton Polygons for a Variant of the Kloosterman Family
Rebecca Bellovin, Sharon Garthwaite, Ekin Ozman, Rachel Pries, Cassandra Williams, and Hui June Zhu


A Fast Isomorphism Test for Groups Whose Lie Algebra Has Genus 2
Peter A. Brooksbank, Joshua Maglione, and James B. Wilson


Evidence of Rock Kangaroo Seed Dispersal via Faecal Seed Storage in a Tropical Monsoon Community
Chris Martine, Ally Boni, Beth Capaldi, Gemma Lionheart, and Ingrid E. Jordon-Thaden


New Functionally Dioecious Bush Tomato, Solanum ossicruentum, May Utilize “Trample Burr” Seed Dispersal.
Chris Martine, Jason T. Cantley, Emma S. Frawley, Alice R. Butler, and Ingrid E. Jordon-Thaden

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