Interplay Between Finite Resources and a Local Defect in an Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process

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Fall 10-14-2013


Physical Review E





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When particle flux is regulated by multiple factors such as particle supply and varying transport rate, it is important to identify the respective dominant regimes. We extend the well-studied totally asymmetric simple exclusion model to investigate the interplay between a controlled entrance and a local defect site. The model mimics cellular transport phenomena where there is typically a finite particle pool and nonuniform moving rates due to biochemical kinetics. Our simulations reveal regions where, despite an increasing particle supply, the current remains constant while particles redistribute in the system. Exploiting a domain wall approach with mean-field approximation, we provide a theoretical ground for our findings. The results in steady-state current and density profiles provide quantitative insights into the regulation of the transcription and translation process in bacterial protein synthesis.