Submissions from 2017


Libraries Embrace the Engineering Grand Challenges, James A. Van Fleet

Submissions from 2012


Modernizing the Microcontroller Laboratory with Low-Cost and Open-Source Tools, Kenneth J. Hass and Juliana Su

Submissions from 2011

The visualization of database search results, James A. Van Fleet

Submissions from 2010


Synthesizing Optimal Fixed-point Arithmetic for Embedded Signal Processing, Kenneth J. Hass

Submissions from 2007

Disaster planning and preparedness: defining a library "disaster", James A. Van Fleet

Scholarly communication issues: raising awareness on many fronts, James A. Van Fleet

Submissions from 2006

Talking to scholars = scholarly communication, James A. Van Fleet, K McQuiston, D Thompson, and J Zebrowski

Submissions from 2005

Bucknell University's implementation of SirsiRooms, James A. Van Fleet, B Burkholder, and J Clarke

The use of portal technology in library user education, James A. Van Fleet and B Stockland

Submissions from 2000

Evolving libraries and computer centers, James A. Van Fleet


Engineering Design: the Information Component, James A. Van Fleet and Michael E. Hanyak Jr.

Submissions from 1999

Shrinking the reference collection, James A. Van Fleet