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Paradigm Dramas in American Geography, Karen M. Morin

Paradigm Dramas in American Geography, Karen M. Morin

"Security Here is Not Safe": Violence, Punishment, and Space in the Contemporary US Penitentiary, Karen M. Morin

Conference Report: Historical Geography in Prague, Karen M. Morin and Nicola Thomas


Rats Acquire Stronger Preference for Flavors Consumed Towards the End of a High-fat Meal, Kevin P. Myers


Rats Acquire Stronger Preference for Flavors Consumed Towards the End of a High-fat Meal, Kevin P. Myers

Things Fall Apart: Dictatorships, Development, and Democracy in Africa, Berhanu Nega and Geoff Schneider


CROSS-SECTORAL COORDINATION OF DISASTER RELIEF, Isabella M. Nolte, Eric C. Martin, and Silke Boenigk

Solar thermal decoupled water electrolysis process I: Proof of concept, R. Palumbo, R. B. Diver, C. Larson, E. N. Coker, J. E. Miller, J. Guertin, J. Schoer, M. Meyer, and N. P. Siegel

Enhanced Sensitivity by Nonuniform Sampling Enables Multidimensional MAS NMR Spectroscopy of Protein Assemblies, Sivakumar Paramasivam, Christopher L. Suiter, Guangjin Hou, Shangjin Sun, Melissa Palmer, Jeffrey C. Hoch, David Rovnyak, and Tatyana Polenova


A remotely interrogated all-optical Rb-87 magnetometer, B. Patton, O. O. Versolato, D. C. Hovde, E. Corsini, James M. Higbie, and D. Budker


Broadband Fourier transform rotational spectroscopy for structure determination: The water heptamer, Cristóbal Pérez, Simon Lobsiger, Nathan A. Seifert, Daniel P. Zaleski, Berhane Temelso, George C. Shields, Zbigniew Kisiel, and Brooks H. Pate

Structures of Cage, Prism, and Book Isomers of Water Hexamer from Broadband Rotational Spectroscopy, Cristóbal Pérez, Matt T. Muckle, Daniel P. Zaleski, Nathan A. Seifert, Berhane Temelso, George C. Shields, Zbigniew Kisiel, and Brooks H. Pate


SAFE: Simulation Automation Framework for Experiments, Luiz Felipe Perrone, Bryan C. Ward, and Christopher S. Main

Auditory Imagery and the Poor-Pitch Singer, Peter Q. Pfordresher and Andrea Halpern


Tags in the Catalogue: Insights From a Usability Study of LibraryThing for Libraries, Carrie M. Pirmann

Development of the Heat and Energy Concept Inventory: Preliminary Results on the Prevalence and Persistence of Engineering Students' Misconceptions, Michael Prince, Margot A.S. Vigeant, and Katharyn Nottis

Trapping Polystyrene Radicals Using Nitrones: Synthesis of Polymers with Mid-chain Alkoxyamine Functionality, S. C. Radzinski and Eric S. Tillman


Frequent Arousal from Hibernation Linked to Severity of Infection and Mortality in Bats with White-Nose Syndrome, DeeAnn Reeder, Craig L. Frank, Gregory G. Turner, Carol U. Meteyer, Allen Kurta, Eric R. Britzke, Megan E. Vodzak, Scott R. Darling, Craig W. Stihler, Alan C. Hicks, Roymon Jacob, Laura E. Grieneisen, Sarah A. Brownlee, Laura K. Muller, and David S. Blehert

A New Genus for a Rare African Vespertilionid Bat: Insights from South Sudan, DeeAnn Reeder, Kristofer M. Helgen, Megan E. Vodzak, Darrin P. Lunde, and Imran Ejotre


The Role of Olfactory Cues in the Sequential Radiation of a Gall-boring Beetle, Mordellistena convicta, Bradley Rhodes, Catherine Blair, Mizuki Takahashi, and Warren G. Abrahamson II

The role of olfactory cues in the sequential radiation of a gall-boring beetle, Mordellistena convicta, Bradley C. Rhodes, Catherine P. Blair, Mizuki K. Takahashi, and Warren G. Abrahamson II

Sarkozy's theorem for P-intersective polynomials, Alex Rice

Acid, Silver, and Solvent-Free Gold-Catalyzed Hydrophenoxylation of Internal Alkynes, Marcia E. Richard, Daniel V. Fraccica, Kevin J. Garcia, Erica J. Miller, Rosa M. Ciccarelli, Erin C. Holahan, Victoria L. Resh, Shah Aakash, Peter M. Findesi, and Robert A. Stockland Jr.


Everything You Have Always Wanted to Know About Academic Advising (Well, Almost...), Rich Robbins

Cosmologies and Regionalisms from "Above' and "Below' in the Post-Cold War Americas: the Relevance of Karl Polanyi for the 21st Century, Alejandra Roncallo


Survey article: Characterizations of the Saito-Kurokawa lifting, Nathan C. Ryan, David W. Farmer, Ameya Pitale, and Ralf Schmidt


Numerical Computation of a Certain Dirichlet Series Attached to Siegel Modular Forms of Degree Two, Nathan C. Ryan, Nils-Peter Skoruppa, and Fredrik Stroemberg

Ancient Calendars and Bolivian Modernity: Tiwanaku’s Gateway of the Sun, Arthur Posnansky, and the World Calendar Movement of the 1930s, Clare A. Sammells

The Accident and the Beautiful: On Alan Shapiro's "The Accident", Harold Schweizer


High-speed acousto-optic shutter with no optical frequency shift, W J. Schwenger and James M. Higbie

A New Crystalline LiPON Electrolyte: Synthesis, Properties, and Electronic Structure, Keerthi Senevirathne, Cynthia S. Day, Michael D. Gross, Abdessadek Lachgar, and N. A. W. Holzwarth

Computational Study of the Hydration of Sulfuric Acid Dimers: Implications for Acid Dissociation and Aerosol Formation, George C. Shields

Hydration of the Bisulfate Ion: Atmospheric Implications, George C. Shields

Quantum Mechanical Study of Sulfuric Acid Hydration: Atmospheric Implications, George C. Shields


A Blueprint for Buddhist Revolution: The Radical Buddhism of Seno’o Girō (1889–1961) and the Youth League for Revitalizing Buddhism, James Shields


Radical Buddhism, Then and Now: Prospects of a Paradox, James Shields

Sex Differences in Hookup Behavior: a Replication and Examination of Parent-Child Relationship Quality, Jen Shukusky and T. Joel Wade

Thermal Energy Storage for Solar Power Production, Nathan P. Siegel

Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Solar Driven Metal Oxide Thermochemical Cycles, Nathan P. Siegel, James E. Miller, Ivan Ermanoski, Ellen B. Stechel, and Richard B. Diver

Earth: A Wandering, Alf Siewers

Cell Types as Natural Kinds, Matthew H. Slater


Biaxial extensional motion of an inertially driven radially expanding liquid sheet, Linda Smolka and Thomas P. Witelski

Unexpected Polymorphism and Unique Particle Morphologies from Monodisperse Droplet Evaporation, Ryan Snyder and Kelly Carver

A Model to Predict Percolation Threshold and Effective Conductivity of Infiltrated Electrodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Ryan Snyder, Michael D. Gross, Christopher L. Porter, Michael J. Synodis, Andrew J.L. Reszka, and Nguyen M. Vo

Characterization of Halyomorpha Halys (Brown Marmorated Stink Bug) Biogenic Volatile Organic Compound Emissions and Their Role in Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation, Danielle Solomon, Dabrina Dutcher, and Timothy Raymond

Mining for Class-Specific Motifs in Protein Sequence Classification, Satish M. Srinivasan, Suleyman Vural, Brian R. King, and Chittibabu Guda

America's Shifting Color Line? Reexamining Determinants of Latino Racial Self-Identification, Atiya Kai Stokes-Brown

A Model to Predict Percolation Threshold and Effective Conductivity of Infiltrated Electrodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Michael J. Synodis, Christopher L. Porter, Nguyen M. Vo, Andrew J.L. Reszka, Michael D. Gross, and Ryan Snyder