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Curve Decomposition for Large Deflection Analysis of Fixed-Guided Beams With Application to Statically Balanced Compliant Mechanisms, Charles Kim and Donna Ebenstein


Estimating Willingness to Pay for River Amenities and Safety Measures Associated with Shale Gas Extraction, Thomas C. Kinnaman


On Ribosome Load, Codon Bias and Protein Abundance, Stefan Klumpp, Jiajia Dong, and Terence Hwa

The Returns to Migration: The Influence of Education and Migration Type, Thomas A. Knapp, Nancy E. White, and Amy M. Wolaver

Active processes, morphology, and dynamics of icy debris fans: Landform evolution along rapidly degrading escarpments in alpine regions undergoing recent deglaciation, R. Craig Kochel and Jeffrey M. Trop


Urban Competitiveness and US Metropolitan Centres, Peter Karl Kresl

A Metric to Evaluate and Synthesize Distributed Compliant Mechanisms, Girish Krishnan, Charles Kim, and Sridhar Kota

The Operatics of Cabiria (1914): Intermediality in Early Italian Cinema, Bernhard Kuhn


The Visual, the Epic, and Pasternak’s ‘Devjat’son pjatyj god’, Ludmila Lavine

The Lady Footballers and the British Press, 1895, James Lee


Cyclosporine A Drives a Th17‐and Th2‐Mediated Posttransplant Obliterative Airway Disease, Phillipe Lemaître, Benoit Vokaer, Louis-Marie Charbonnier, Y. Iwakura, Ken Field, M. Estenne, M. Goldman, O. Leo, M. Remmelink, and Alain Le Moine

Rapid synthesis of arylgold compounds using dielectric heating, Heather K. Lenker, Thomas G. Gray, and Robert A. Stockland

The Timeliness and Cost-Effectiveness of the Local and Regional Procurement of Food Aid, Erin C. Lentz, Simone Passarelli, and Christopher B. Barrett

Parent-Child Dynamics and Emerging Adult Religiosity: Attachment, Parental Beliefs, and Faith Support, Kathleen C. Leonard, Kaye V. Cook, Chris J. Boyatzis, Cynthia Neal Kimball, and Kelly S. Flanagan


Parent-Child Dynamics and Emerging Adult Religiosity: Attachment, Parental Beliefs, and Faith Support, Kathleen C. Leonard, Kaye V. Cook, Chris Boyatzis, Cynthia N. Kimball, and Kelly S. Flanagan

Infrared Parallaxes of Young Field Brown Dwarfs and Connections to Directly Imaged Gas-Giant Exoplanets, M. C. Liu, T. J. Dupuy, and Katelyn N. Allers

The Extremely Red, Young L Dwarf PSO J318.5338-22.8603: a Free-Floating Planetary-Mass Analog to Directly Imaged Young Gas-Giant Planets, Michael C. Liu, Eugene A. Magnier, Niall R. Deacon, and Katelyn N. Allers


Suitability of real-time quantitative PCR to estimate the relative telomere length in European Hake (Merluccius merluccius Linnaeus, 1758), Estabaliz López de Abechuco, Manuel Soto, Miguel Angel Pardo, Mark F. Haussmann, and Guzmán Díez

β-Delayed Proton Emission in the 100Sn Region, G. Lorusso, A. Becerril, A. Amthor, T. Baumann, D. Bazin, J. S. Berryman, B. A. Brown, R. H. Cyburt, H. L. Crawford, A. Estrade, A. Gade, T. Ginter, C. J. Guess, M. Hausmann, G. W. Hitt, P. F. Mantica, M. Matos, R. Meharchand, K. Minamisono, F. Montes, G. Perdikakis, J. Pereira, M. Portillo, H. Schatz, K. Smith, J. Stoker, A. Stolz, and R.G.T. Zegers

Essays on Personhood and Transhumanism/H+, Jonathan Lyons

The Incumbent Spending Puzzle, Christopher S.P. Magee

Invariant barriers to reactive front propagation in fluid flows, John Mahoney, Dylan Bargteil, Mark Kingsbury, Kevin Mitchell, and Tom Solomon


Chemical Compatibility of Model Soil-Bentonite Backfill Containing Multiswellable Bentonite, Michael A. Malusis and Matthew D. McKeehan

Critical review of coupled flux formulations for clay membranes based on nonequilibrium thermodynamics, Michael A. Malusis, Charles D. Shackelford, and James E. Maneval


Critical Review of Coupled Flux Formulations for Clay Membranes Based on Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics, Michael A. Malusis, Charles D. Shackelford, and James E. Maneval

Ultrabithorax Confers Spatial Identity in a Context-Specific Manner in the Drosophila Postembryonic Ventral Nervous System, Elizabeth C. Marin, Katie E. Dry, Danielle R. Alaimo, Kirstin T. Rudd, Anthony R. Cillo, Michael E. Clenshaw, Nicolas Negre, Kevin P. White, and James W. Truman

Status of Streptopus amplexifolius (Liliaceae) in Clinton County, NY, Chris Martine and E. Edelstein

Exotic Elsholtzia ciliata (Lamiaceae) Abundant in the Ausable River Delta, Clinton County< New York, Chris Martine and E. Quarta


A New Cryptically Dioecious Species of Bush Tomato (Solanum) From the Northern Territory, Australia, Chris Martine, David E. Symon, and Elizabeth Capaldi Evans


Establishment of Regional Herbarium Leads to More Than 200 New Flora Atlas Records for New York State, Chris Martine and Megan E. Ward

Response to the Discussion of "The Effect on Financial Reporting Quality of an Exemption From the SEC Reporting Requirements for Foreign Private Issuers", Stacy Mastrolia and Giorgio Gotti

The Effect on Financial Reporting Quality of an Exemption From the SEC Reporting Requirements for Foreign Private Issuers, Stacy Mastrolia and Giorgio Gotti

Millennials: What Do We Really Know About Them?, Stacy Mastrolia and Stephen D. Willits

Mythologizing Greed and Betrayal in the Strait of Magellan in Juan de Miramontes' Armas Antarticas, Jason McCloskey

"Navegaba Leandro el Helesponto": Love and Early Modern Navigation in Juan Boscan's Leandro, Jason McCloskey

Organizational Frames for Professional Claims: Private Military Corporations and the Rise of the Military Paraprofessional, Katherine E. McCoy

Men in Black: Fashioning Masculinity in Nineteenth-Century Spain, Collin McKinney


The Möbius Function of Generalized Subword Order, Peter R. W. McNamara and Bruce Eli Sagan


Maximal Supports and Schur-positivity Among Connected Skew Shapes, Peter McNamara and Stephanie van Willigenburg

Party Size and Representation: Evidence from the Nineteenth Century House of Representatives, Scott Meinke

Party Size and Constituency Representation: Evidence from the 19th-Century U.S. House of Representatives, Scott R. Meinke

Holocentric chromosomes: convergent evolution, meiotic adaptations, and genomic analysis, Daniel P. Melters, Leocadia V. Paliulis, Ian F. Korf, and Simon W.L. Chan

Use and Performance of In-Stream Structures for River Restoration: a Case Study from North Carolina, Jerry R. Miller and R. Craig Kochel

Community Foundation Strategy: Doing Good and the Moderating Effects of Fear, Tradition, and Serendipity, Judy Millesen and Eric C. Martin

Friendship as a Relationship Infiltration Tactic during Human Mate Poaching, Justin K. Mogilski and T. Joel Wade


Friendship as a relationship infiltration tactic during human mate poaching., Justin Mogilski and T. Joel Wade


Distinguished Historical Geography Lecture: Carceral Space and the Usable Past, Karen M. Morin


Geographical Literacies and their Publics: Reflections on the American Scene, Karen M. Morin

Geographical Literacies and Their Publics: Reflections on the American Scene, Karen M. Morin


Men's Modesty, Religion, and the State: Spaces of Collision, Karen M. Morin